Monday, September 13, 2004


"stupid... fun... O MY LOVE!!!!!" - michael... started out dissin me... ended up freaking me out.... lol it was hiLariouS!!!!!

"You look like a w-o-e" - alisha... okay so maybe i have a lazy eye and we were trying on BAD DRESSES at dillards and we took pictures... LOL IT WAS FUNNY *and no i am not one... if the quote wasnt kinda funny... i wouldnt put it up here* *w-o-e stands for somethin else if you wanna know ask*

"why the heck isnt she changing?" - me
"SHE'S A RETARD" - amanda
^^THAT ONE made my day!!! I LOVE YOU GIRLIE


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Sunday, September 12, 2004
some of the best quotes EVER


"THAT WOULD SUCK" - nathan & I at the EXACT SAME TIME when the old guy died

"LOOK!!! you're shiny!"- jon... pointing to my legs.  haha it was random. :D

"Well... i was in the bathtub and then B sat on top of me... and then i fell out of the bathtub because it kinda tipped over and they *debbie and kate and b* all laughed at me!  And all this happened right after I proposed to b..." - Ben @ the lockin

"Ariana... Michael Jr... Bekah... Almanzo... Emily... Jacie... Alisha... Eric... John... and who could forget GARRISON?????" - lmao emi... that was great.

"Hi.  This is George.  Ya missed me!" - me and Emi :D

"my name is Jonathon Brookview.  What's yours?"- michael
"Renae' Balthrop..." - me

all the colors of fun

"Bingbingbingbingbing..." miss cunningham

*really randomly in the middle of New Testament-*
"You know what really bugs me?  When fireplaces arent centered on walls..." - Scott
haha what fun... and then like 3 minutes later...
"I dont like spring because you have to mow your lawn."- Scott

Yeah I dont remember the wedding i only remember After the wedding..." - me
"OHHHH so you remember THAT PART!!!!"- emily
"OMG NOT THAT... the RECEPTION... ahhhhhh"- Me
"haha she wishes..." - Alisha
"Anyways... the reception was in a cave..."- me
"A CAVE???? and it's supposed to be all secret but you have a BANQUET... yeah like no one can tell that you're there..." - Emily
"hehehe..." - Alisha
"Yeah well yeah you guys bought me cans of food so i could live there..."-me
"Oh so perfect plan... Bry when you get married you'll get married in a cave and we'll give you cans of food.  how exciting..."- Emily
"And I'll be your LIMO DRIVER!" - alisha

Yeah i'm like the whole town's friend!" - Jacie *about Tonkawa*

"I broke it..." - emily

(yet me being the deaf person that I am...)
"YOU BROKE UP????? I didnt even know you were going out with anyone!!!" - me
"Omg... well i BROKE MY TOE... and i'm going out with Dan... you didnt know that?" - emily
"No i just thought it was mutual appreciation or infatuation..."- me

*reading* "Casual time with Greg..." looks up "Do we have a formal time with Greg?" - me
"I dont know..." *big pause* "Who's Greg?" - Alisha
*ahahhahahhahaha so funny*

"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have MERCY... BAMBI!!!!!!" - Greg Speck... acting as the lion

"Oh just go JUMP OFF A SPEEDBUMP!" - Jacie

okay guys... this might just shock you are you ready?  *dramatic pause*  God is NOT a rapist" - Mrs cunningham

"Oh shut up Michael not everything is about you"- Me
"Oh yes it is." - Michael
"No stop being CONCEITED!" - me
"Oh i'm sorry i didnt know it was that time of the month"- michael
"Oh it's yours?" - me
"No mine's next week" - michael
*Lol Kristen and Emi that was hilarious*

HAHAHA alisha readin the back of your LOTION BOTTLE:
"Apply generously to all parts of the body... Do not place in direct sunlight" - lotion bottle

We're standing there and randomly i start laughing and Emi's like...
"WHAT?" and i was like:
"HE LOOKS LIKE MY MOM!!!!!" - me
*lol... he DOES!  kinda* (m-c---l)

"I dont have a pen."-dustin
"Yes you do, in your left front pocket." - me
"Whoa..." - dustin
"Yes, I'm a stalker" - me

"Do you play the drums? Cuz your body's BANGIN"- Mark Hartman *hah alisha that was hilarious*

"RAR!  RAR RAR RARRRRRRRR" - some kid behind the curtain during practice
"yes... rar rar rar" - Andy Gunzelman

"you shoot the aliens with the lasers and protect your fishies!  SCORE i just got a swordfish!!! :D" - Dustin


ME: Tomorrow's Salsa day Jacie!!! YOU CAN BE A SPANIARD!
Jacie: No...
Me: A mexican?
JACIE: No...
Me: Oh i forgot... an Indonesian?
JaCiE:  No...
Me: Or a Trinity Loser?
Jacie: No...
Me: Are you gonna wear aNYTHING at ALL???
Jacie:  No... yes... wait what's the right answer to that one?

Alisha:  OH LOOK!  my shirt... LA-DIES!  DIE DIE DIEEEEEEEEE!  ahahahahaaaa...

Joe: "Why 'ello, ol' Pip ol' chap!!!!"  - that was from Great Expectations... hah

Mrs. Moore: *playing with my hair...* "Have you ever thought of tying your hair in a knot underneath your chin???"  *haha uhhh okay...*

Dustin: "B stop?  Want me to email Johnny?"

I give the Hello Kitty to Alisha i'm like... LOOK!
Alisha: Aww it's so cute!
me: Yep I know! 
*here she squeezes it... at the exact time i subconsciously make a squeaking
Alisha: IT SQUEEKS!!!!!!!! OMG

"B, be quiet!  I'm planning my life!" - Dustin

"I train for football season with this game" - Tyler ... me: "what by playing with Girls?"... Tyler: "and getting beat by them..."


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randomness *RASP!!!*

I began to update when the doorbell rang, twas Cassidy.  We talked for five minutes and he gave me a check for amber's magazine sales thing.  ANNNYWAYS.  so today is going to be a busy one *sigh*  i must - = -=

1- Start and finish the Jane Eyre report within an hour and a half... *go journies... we're hott at this stuff

2- vaccuum all hard floors and do chores and stuff within a half hour...

3- mow the law for mi padre porque el no tiene time.

4- take a shower *after mowing the lawn*

5- study for history test

6- arrive a la youth group at seven.  :D for SEPTEMBER SURPRISE *or september surpise ... depending on which bullitin you read...*

FUN THINGS... that might have happened today... or yesterday... or a year ago...

1- waking sean up in the middle of sunday school... *"whaa... oh"*

2- nicole whipping out her car stero out of her purse.... "what does r stand for emily???" hmmmm...

3- Cassidy showing up without my whole family knowing... that was exciting...

4- when eating at the Red Robin last night... jordan dieker appearing at the edge of my table and i not noticing as she called my name like 3 times... i love that girl!!!!

5- Brice telling me he called the girl behind him in yearbook b... and she wasnt me.. and now he doesnt know her name because he THOUGHT it was b

... *what a great relationship we have brice... we know eachother on a first name basis...*

6- seein jena, laura, kristen, lesley and other people at red robin... *we see eachother absolutely everywhere!!!!! - jena*

7- the bassoon concert.  need i say more?  lol.

8- "they're waiting for him to die..." - me and sharon

9- sharon dumping like half of the whole bottle of parmesean cheese on her one piece of pizza... lol that was hilarious...

10- "wha happened???"  "I dont THINK so..."  "hammer dulcimer band..."

11- emily's dad running from us in church... hahaha...

12- savannah's lil brother coming up to me after the volleyball tourney... "can i see your ring???" me: sure... and then HE PULLS IT OFF MY FINGER... i was going to but... NOOOOOOOO

13- SHE LOOKS LIKE HARRY POTTER... "B it's your ex boyfrienD!!!!" "He was NEVER MY BOYFRIEND" "OH then what do you call him???" "the guy i had a crush on when i was like... TEN!!!!!!"  *bob hope with big ears.... omg kate and i had soooooooo much fun!!!!!!!*

14- lindsey may and i singing "undignified" on the bench during the tournament... with the actions... BEAT THAT!!!!!!

15- winning the silver for our JV tourney... that was awesome

16- Cassidy trying to tell me a story in the middle of church... "and wouldnt it be fun if there was a diciple named jokes??? so there could be a book of Jokes... " lol... what fun... *singing "i believe in a thing called love" in a british accent and HITTING THE HIGH NOTES while driving at night...

17- "LOOOOOK!!!! *pulls up left pant leg...* NO ANKLE BRACE!!!!!" - me

18- "well.. you walk funny..."

19- nathans' one word entry... THATS ILLEGAL!!!!! explanation required...

20- "I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!" "twas shorter than the bassoon concert..." "you READ MY MIND!!!! I WAS SO ABOUT TO SAY IT..." *kid raises his hand... i dont know!!!!*

now that you all are OFFICIALLY bored and confused... HAVE A GREAT DAY... DUSTIN UPDATE NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw

volleyball homegame all you guys HAVE to come to or i'm suing because it's the ONLY home game we have all season...
SEPTEMBER 28 * that's a tuesday* at 5:00 PM... YOU BETTER BE THERE!!!!

-comment.... bri

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
hahahaha today rocked... till nathan's mom decided to hate me like dustin's mom... tear *ENTRY BY EMILY BUT SHE CANT FIX HER BLOG>>>SO ITS HERE*

hahahaha b i LOOOVE YOUUUUU yay! watch that water... just cuz OTHER PEOPLE make out doesnt mean YOU need to... with a straw....... wahahaha.... "oh no its those two wierdos again!" YEP THATS US!!! the 60 year olds......... "mi..." i sooooo told you.... you got ESCORTED that was awesome!! "WHOA TAYLOR!!!"

lol... i was so confused!! embarassed does not equal embarazada btw!!! hehehehe... and i honked at the spanish guy!! YAY! dude how many times did i almost get hit today? like .... A LOT!! "okay cassidy BYE" *zooooom* haha sorry bout that.. didnt mean to almost kill u! awww free water.... that you spit out on the tray... lol im never gonna get over that... i almost died... death by chicken!!

haha i made that up... just now... yay for me... he seriously didnt want anything to do w/us once he found out we were 60... i mean not! "WHOA the augusta soccer team only uses 9, 10, 11, and 12 for their jersey numbers! WHOA!!!" blooooonde...

"oops my fly's down!" omg.... that was so funny... and yet awkward... hehehe that so totally made my day!! THURSDAY *hopefully*!!!

ENTRY BY EMILY.... POSTED BY ME... yes you little confused chicken you... comment for emi!!!

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SO today... the beginnin SUKED... i was feeling nicksergeut yah? and my ankle was throbbing and there was somthing in my eye and i couldnt find my algebra 2 book *so niiiiice mr. warner gives me a ZERO... what.... nm* and i got yelled at in journalism.  RAR.  ohkay... but then i go to vball... which was fun relatively... and then i got a call back from cassidy... so i went to the soccer game and called him back... and then yeah so he's getin those newspapers for me... and then emi and i got hungry *yeah* and so we were on our way to braums... when i was like... lets go to cassidys house so we do.. he's not there but oh well.. sharon and chuck are... and so we go to braums where we see ryan again... and then after that cassidy calls me and says now hes home so we stop by and hes wearing a tux... and he tapdances for us and then takes us out to our car.  then we went back to TA and went home... and here I am. that's all for now quotes later when i have more time... *misleading title i know*

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Monday, August 30, 2004
poemie that has no name... and i am excited because dustin will like it :) i hope...

All this pain burning
     deep inside...
How much longer can
     I persevere?
How much longer
     until my fingers
         -bruised and bleeding
and I fall-
     diminishing into the
     where no light can
          permeate -
and all is lost - - -


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Sunday, August 29, 2004
hey guys... ahhh...



YEP^^^ right up there.  kinda like volleyball.  haha.  dustin!!!! YAY VOLLEYBALL MAKES YOU BUFF!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! and kinda in other stuff too... yeah... you know.  ANYWAYS.  so yeah.  QUOTES FROM LAKE DAY...

"You should have brought your HOMECOMING DRESS!!!!" - emily
*my homecoming dress kinda looks like the one from Titantic... and we coulda stood on the bow of the boat... hahahaha...*


"Backpack... sunglasses... backpack... sunglasses..." - sean

"THERES THIS ALGAE THAT WILL KILL YOU" - emily *how comforting...*

"yeah... because it's alllllllll about sean..." - emi and me

*luke and jason headbanging to the music while ON THE TUBE...*

"Turn your shoulders and your feet when you start to get going on the wakeboard!!!!" - emi and me to ben whos struggling...
"have you guys ever wakeboarded???" - sean
"no..." - us


"TWO MINUTES TWENTY SECONDS!!!" - emi *which i beat!!! SHBAM!!!*


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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
so i feel upa bad...

SHOUTOUT FOR ASHTON ENTRY... because i forgot... :'( *cries*

AShToN!!!!!! - hey girlie girl!!! how are you??? i'm good... so haha i looooved sittin by you in the assembly today... that was upa hott.  hehe... "Like anyone gets a detention for their shirts anyways..." haha that was awesome and "HIDE THE NOTES HIDE THE NOTES!!!!" oh goodness... way back in the day with geometry... finding out who sang "the little mermaid" in the bathtub... haha great times... that IS a good movie people... and yeah.  I'm so glad to know you youre awesome i just wish i could be as good as a friend to you as you are to me!!! luv ya girlie!!! :D


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Saturday, August 21, 2004

OOOOOKAY so here are some shoutouts... because thats what people like the most and i'm giving in *sigh*


hehe... ok

EmIlllllllllay!!!!!!! - hey child of the sun... your smile just BRighTenS my day sooooo sooooo sooooooooooooo much... oh gash the times... "by max lucado... i met a junior named max the other day..." haha.  hmm well i'm sooooooo looking forward to next year at TA... because WE THINK WE HAVE ALGEBRA 2 TOGETHER!!! hehe.  oh gash i loooooooove you so much.OOOOOOOOoh the times... like @ shoe carnival... WHAHAHA HOTNESSS... i loveyou... AND pat benatar!!! :D

JACiE!!!- hey child of the moon... how are you darlin? hopefully goooooood.  Yeah so hun you know OH so much... and as I... and i hope you have soooo much good in your life that the blessings you have are innumberable... that you have an amazing relationship with *him* and such.  Oh the youth times... i feel i've known you forever... i'll see you soon i promise!!!! I LOVE YOU *tell your madre hi!!!* and have a super shibby awesome day!!!

AliSha!!!- Hey child of the smiles... how are you?  OH i'm soooo proud of you and am in basic awe of you and your trip to Nepal... did you notice when you were showing me those pics i was just like...staring at them? and you're right nepal is beautiful.  WE STILL DONT KNOW WHO THAT GUY LOOKS LIKE... rar.  hehe... gash TUBING... i could NOT get back on that thing!!!!! RAR... blah.  hehe.  I love you darlin and your GORGEOUS no matta what!!! WE BOTH HAVE WEIRD DREAMS!! !:D

AmAndA!!!!! (the sophmore) - Hey child of the joy... HOW ARE YOU??? just gettin to know you but you're freakin hilarious... we have fun times in Vball... it WOULDNT BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU!!! hopefully we have some same classes together that'd be a plus... a HAPPY PLUS... hehe.  you'er awesome at vball... and your funniness makes me smile... *hence child of the joy*  LUV ya GIrLIe!!!

LIndSeY!!!!!!!!!!!- hey child of the pen... how are you?  i'm perty good... you're awesome i'm so glad to be gettin to know you... your writings fill me with so much emotion because they're REAL and TRUE!!!! and you can so tell that they come from your heart and NO MATTER WHAT... dont feel it when they push you around especially at school... tHeyre the ones missing out... because when you're famous they're gonna be left in the dark!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and we'll go party in the carribean because we'll be both famous!!!! hehe... luv ya girlie!!!!

Amanda (the freshie) - hey child of the new... how are you???? *rhymes* i'm just gettin to know you i'm glad because you're gonna be in JOURNALISM next year and you're punkie so that's awesome.  way to rock.  i love hearing your speals... especially during vball... and let NO ONE discriminate against you you're awesome!!!!! :D rock it out

ElizaBetH!!!!! - hey child of the strength... how are you?  i'm pretty good.  You truly are one of my heroes... your ability to be so strong even when waves are hitting you from every direction and not to give up but still keep a smile... just puts me in a secluded corner of awe.  youre awesome!!! i'm praying for your brother michael and your family... and if you EVER need anyone i'm here.  you're doin awesome in vball... yeyeAH!!! great passes.  not even joking:D

KAAAAATE - hey child of the water... how are you?  i'm good.  gaaa you and your olympics... you're like obsessed.  but thats good.  GOSH it made me so mad when caroline bruce wasnt shown... but... i'm proud of her neways... oh whAt am i gonna do without you in math???? i'm gonna like die automatically because you're the only one who can explain any of it to me... you're so smart... thanks for always being there... we've known eachother since we were TWO!!! so it's been ... 13 years eh??? :D i say that's pretty good.  :D luv ya!!!!

Sara (yes you the one who visits my blog as gaurdian) - hey child of the faith!!! how are you?  i'm good... wow so good to get to know someone else who has a deep faith in christ and wants to follow his plans!!! i'm so happy each time you ask me a question about faith... i love it!!! thanKS!!!! :D

OOOOOOOOOKAY i think i'm done with the girls... im tired so i'll try to do the guys tomorrow... BLAH!!! SO MANY and if i missed you... comment... and if i didnt and you want to comment anyways... PLEASE DO SO.... i love it when people do it make my day!!!!!!  *btw... each of you are children of somehting... if you like yours... comment or if you dont understand... coment!!!*

-bri *child of the ?????? < you decide*

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
randomness YAY

M<MMMMMMMKAY!!!! once again i feel like a total loser :D know how everyones like... WHO COULD READ JANE EYRE FOR FUN????? wellllll *cough*... i read it in 5th grade... so reading it now is fun too... gosh i actually love that book... it's so real and true... soemtimes i feel like jane eyre in the beginning... that if they didnt have to take care of me because it was god's will then they wouldnt want me at all... yeah...

So yesterday i was listening to talk radio *dont ask me why... i'm weird* and i heard these two REALLY SMART doctors... and they were talking about the medicine field *all my friends probably would have shut off the radio within 2 minutes... but idk... i felt i was supposed to listen* and suddenly one said "why is the symbol for medicine a snake on a stick??? Where in the *(^ did that come from???" and the other one was liek... "idk... i think like egyptians or something..." and they were talking about how it scares the crap outta some people... walking into a doctor's office and seeing a snake on a stick... and i realized... DANG i'm SMARTER THAN THESE DOCTORS!!!! i realized... they werent christian *from the first 2 minutes... they were dissing God loveRs* and I KNEW why the snake on the stick was the symbol of medicine....

MOSES!  shbam... yeah.. MOSES!!!!! ok remember guys back in the day when all the people of isreal were complaining after they got outta egypt... they were all like " we shuolda stayed in slavery... blah blah blah" and they were TOTALLY Ungrateful to God... for rescuing them... *the grass is always greener on the other side... * and so God sent an illness to them... and they would die and it was reallllly bad... and so moses cried out to God and what did god send to him for healing??? he said... "mount a snake on a pole and whoever looks at it will be saved" or somethin like that.  so moses did.  the snake on the stick is a symbol of HEALTH... of healing of the power of God... and our forefathers realized that *better than most of the stinky government today might i add....* and they made it the symbol... And THAT"S a symbol from old testament to new. 

All ye people who were in Grissom's class last year... *old testament* it was "how is jesus present in this story?????" uhm well... the snake is kinda like HIM... he was mounted on a "stick" and he brought... not physical but spiritual health and salvation to all who look to HIM in their daily lives... all those who are sick and tired and worn... LOOK TO HIM... and depend on him... live the life of him... and you'll be saved...

I've decided to put the bible passage in here for all you people who dont think i'm telling the truth:

NUMBERS 21:4-9

"They traveled from Mount Hor along the route to the Red Sea, to go around Edom.  But the people grew impatient on the way; they spoke against God and against Moses, and said, "Why have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the desert?  There is no bread!  There is no water! And we detest this miserable food!
Then the Lord sent venomous snakes among them; they hit the people and many Isrealites died.  The people came to Moses and said, "We sinned when we spoke against the Lord and against you.  Pray that the Lord will take the snakes away from us."  So Moses prayed for the people.
The Lord said to moses, "make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live." So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole.  Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake... he lived."

Actually i just realized somethin else... "anyone who is bitten by a snake and looks at the bronze snake lives"  weeeeelllll... *(another picture of JESUS!!!!)* God made himself one of us.  the snake is sin... and Jesus is the bronze snake... so he's like... the perfect one... yet he was sacrificed.  the bronze snake never hurt anyone... but the other 'snakes' of this world do... and so yeah.   anyways...



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